There is no "scan QR code" to sync IPhone Brave app with desktop Brave

I’ve been trying to sync Brave on my windows 10 notebook and the IPhone 13 (iOs 15.4.1). Both Brave version are up to date.
According to instructions i need just tap “I have a sync code” in desktop Brave, but - there is NO such button. Screenshots in the help articles (v.1.122 or something like this) are completely different to what i see in Brave v.1.37.109. No input line for the word chain that phone gives.

Well lets try to genereate QR on desktop in order to scan it with mobile device - there is no option “Scan QR code” in Brave for IPhone. (Two days before i succesfully synced desktop and android phone that way

Can you share screenshots of the UI you see on your iPhone?

(There you can see “Huawei P40Pro+”, but this is iphone, i just love my previous p40)

Looks like you joined to a sync chain on your iPhone already
This means you can’t join another chain on this device, you can only add another device to this chain.

So the problem is your iPhone and your PC have sync enabled but they are in different sync chain groups.
To fix that you have to leave a sync chain on one of your devices, then you can join to another device via qr code or codewords.

To leave sync chain group on the sync settings Devices on sync chain section you tap on your device and this should show Remove device option

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