There is no forum for CREATOR issues

There is no forum for CREATOR issues. All links to Creators Help are cycling back on themselves.

The Twitter Channel I created in Brave Creators has been verified and is connected to the wallet. Yet on Twitter, it still says:
" NOTE: This creator is not signed up yet. Any tip you make will remain pending and retry automatically for 90 days."

What OS do you see that on ?
If you see this on Android or any non - windows/mac OS, then that’s not an issue. Currently Twitter, Reddit and Twitch channels are shown verified only on Windows and mac.

Brave community is the FORUM for all issues. If an Issue needs specialised help, you need to raise a ticket. Most of the times, the issues can be solved on community itself.

Thank you. I’m on Mac OS.

How much time has elapsed since you connected Twitter ?
Also, if possible do share the link to your Twitter profile.

I signed up to Creators yesterday.
Right now I logged out of Twitter and back in, but it still shows, “This creator is not signed up yet.”

As mentioned, if you come here and provide details, we often are going to be able to guide you to solutions. Various members of Support go through topics during the weekdays and assist as well.

The category for Creators would be #brave-rewards:creators

Keep in mind that in order to show as Verified for people, you must be connected to Uphold or Gemini. In addition, your country must be one of the countries supported for linking to a custodial partner at this time. If you’re in an unsupported country, they will still allow you to connect Creators to it but it won’t show you as Verified and able to receive tips unless/until your country is supported.

So let me ask two questions:

  1. Are you in a country that’s listed at

  2. Did you provide passport for your country when you created the Uphold account? (I’m assuming Uphold since Gemini is restricted to United States only and not sure where you’re at)

It can take time. It’s not always immediate. Currently it’s the weekend as well. So likely won’t hear from anyone from Brave until after Monday.

Do be advised you can also always submit a Creators Support Ticket at and someone from Brave will be able to review your issue and try to help.

Thank you for that.
I am in Australia, and the Channel is connected to the Uphold wallet.

I will check back again next week.