There is no feedback when watching ads. You need to gamify the process

Congrats on getting the ads working. I have some feedback about the experience.

  1. I can not tell how long I need to look at an ad to get money. Do I just need to click? Do I need to spend time on the page? Do I need to click on a link on the page?
  2. I do not know what my balance is unless I make several clicks.

I work in mobile games, and we’ve pretty much got this problem sorted out.

  1. When you watch an ad, there needs to be a countdown to indicate how long you need to look at the ad.
  2. Your BAT balance needs to be shown in the browser UI at all times.
  3. When you complete an ad, you need a reward moment where a sound effect, or an animation shows your balance increasing.

As it stands, the ad & reward loop is very unsatisfying. Good luck!


While I can’t say/confirm anything at this time – I will say that we’re way ahead of you on feedback/gamification :wink:

Appreciate your patience!

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