There is no brave wallet in my uphold account

Hey there, i’ve been using brave browser for several months now and i have accumulate bit of BAT from the brave Ads feature. I have connected my brave browser to my uphold account too, but when i open my uphold account, there is no brave wallet in the display. I also tried to click the “withdraw funds” future that make me went straight to my uphold account, but also there is no brave wallet.
What should i do?

Is our brave browser wallet linked to Uphold?

it supposed to right? if you want to use the BAT, like funding your wallet or withdrawing from your wallet
I watched some tutorial videos from youtube about how to funds and withdrawing from my account. When they clicked the “Withdraw Funds” option, they automatically go to their uphold account and there is this brave wallet in the display, but mine not like that.

Mine just go to the dashboard and there is no brave browser wallet at my dashboard, just like a screenshot i upload before

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