There are still ads

There is no way for me to turn off Brave Rewards, no switch as shown on the web. I turned off auto contribution, ads and everything, but there are still advertisements on Youtube. I do not know if this is a bug or if the ads from Youtube escaped the algorithm, but there are ads nevertheless.
I have been using Brave for almost 10 months now but I have never experienced something like this. Please fix this.

That’s not a Brave Ads (as it’s only shown as a browser notification).

Desktop? Mobile (Android or IOS)? Brave version? Your Shields settings for YouTube (shields icon in URL bar)?

Desktop. And I have turned to aggressive blocking but still no resolutions.
My brave wallet sign was gray before I started receiving ads from Youtube.

The ads always show up at the start of a video.

Screenshot of the ads? If they’re video ads, try clearing the cookies/cache, then re-login to youtube.

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