There are errors to be corrected in version 1.0.91 on Android

Hello good afternoon. A cordial greeting for managers who work every day to improve the browser.

I have a problem and it is the following. It is about the donation of BATs to a YouTube channel.

There was one person, who was watching my videos from my YouTube channel, and he donated 10 BAT, and obviously I had to have 9.50 BAT (the most logical). But I got nothing more 2.38 BAT.

What do I want to tell you with this Brave managers?

If you can do everything possible to send me the rest of the BAT (7.12 missing), I would greatly appreciate it.

But the biggest point of view I want you to see, is that they released version 1.0.91 with bugs / errors. Please take forecasts regarding the subject.

Thanks and regards.

If the users quit the browser immediately after sending there is a high probability the bat won’t reflect. It takes about 3-8mins to process transactions

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The person who donated the BATs told me that he did everything right and did not close the browser. Therefore, it is the platform’s problem.
That was on April 19.

My understanding…

User visits website that supports the ‘tip’…
(IMO it should be tip by monetary value rather then BAT qty)

Once the message comes up to say tip has been sent they shouldn’t need to stay on the browser (you cant expect this to happen from a user point of view).

20 BAT was sent to a publisher …

In the end the final BAT value was 19 BAT was the final amount credited.
(this needs to be made clearer from both the tipster view and publisher)


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