Themes and high contrast opitons

Hey I really love everything about this project and in the greater scheme of things this a low priority issue, but it’s important to me. I have low vision, i.e. legally blind and work with others in the low vision community. The dark and terminal themes are really helpful and greatly appreciated, and here it comes, however comparted to Google and Firefox they are lacking. The biggest issue we’ve encountered is that the the dark/terminal themes don’t seem to work very well and several sights, amazon, audible and others. The search and log in boxes do not have the high contrast, white text black backround that mnay if not most low vision users rely on. I had to go back to Firefox, which was kind of a disappointment. Again I know there are a lot of fish to fry here and we are use to hurry up and wait. Just wanted to sound off that there are a lot of aging power users and up and coming kids who are really excited about this project and would love to see, pun intended, a few more themes that would provide more high contrast options.

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