Theme issue for private mode

I want to use Private mode all the time but I just can’t because I cant distinguish the tabs. Hard to understand why the Brave team finds this to be so unsolvable. If you must have a hard coded default theme then at least apply a sensible contrast to the theme.

Also why cant I have a setting where I automatically open with new private window? Just like Safari does.

This is all making me very frustrated with Brave.

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Windows, ios, android? Trying to duplicate your issue, but cant seem to on iphone, windows 10 laptop, or android tablet and phone. I am using dark mode on all mobile devices.

I use MacOS and maybe its just a MacOS issue. But even with the latest version 1.38.109 it is still terrible. Why is this such a problem?? Seems so basic.

@Anudhyan For Windows, to open Brave in Private mode directly:

  1. In the desktop, right click the Brave icon and choose properties
  2. In the target field, delete all what’s in the field then paste this; “C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe” --incognito –

this is related to the themes of tab of incognito mode

@Anudhyan ,

You are referring to the appearance - the black bars without much definition (boundary lines) between them, in addition to nothing distinguishing the Tabs except (thankfully) the while characters:

When two or more windows are oriented near each other on the Mac computer display, it can be difficult to distinguish the uppermost perimeter of each browser window.

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