Theme does not reset [Solution]

Hi, I wanted to open this issue because I discovered the culprit of this open yet closed ticket. I am so sorry if i went against the rules or the guidelines.

Anyway the culprit over here is the Adobe Acrobat Extension. For some reason it adds a color-scheme called ‘dark light !important’ to every website and dark mode appears on each and every website even though the Brave flags are reset.
This error in the ticket was actually reproduced because of importing the extensions from Google Chrome.

How I found out the extension was responsible?
Simple I reloaded my google drive accidentally after importing the extensions from ‘Google Chrome’ . I had changed nothing else. And found out that a css component got added. The component had the value ‘‘dark light !important’’. I opened the extensions folder and searched this code via VSCode. And after some research found out that there was one exact match. That was from a file which was in a folder of ‘Adobe Acrobat’ extension.

Sorry i know i sounded boring but the solution is simple… remove the extension.

Thank you and hope you have a nice day :slight_smile:


Good work finding the root issue! It looks like this extension received a bad update about 10 or 11 hours ago. Adobe has been informed of the buggy behavior, and are working to address the problem.


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