Theft of my bat tokens

Description of the issue: theft of my bat tokens

Expected result: I expect my tokens to be replaced

**Reproduces how often: this is first time

Additional Information:
all the settings were off on the tip and donations but yet you took everything out from the last two months, u left me with .08 cents, this is theft and false advertising at the least and should be criminal. put my tokens back, now I have a lot of big spenders that will be pulling out of uphold as its clear that your money is not safe there if you are using the brave browser

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Same thing happened to me. My BATs were in my uphold account, and yesterday, I saw a transaction from my account to @BravePublishers.

6.25 BATs gone,

yes it is quite clear that the uphold wallet is NOT safe, your crypto is all at risk.
I have tried to follow up with uphold but they will not help they delete my messages on there facebook page guess they do now want everyone to know that they have and insecure wallet, not to mention the brave browser is taking peoples crypto without permission

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they took more from me and 18 days later no response from them

If you have bat in uphold get them off or exchange them for anything other than bat until this “bug” is sorted out

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