Pages Don't Render Correctly with Shields Up

#1 has banner ads at the very top of each page. If you have “Shields Up”, when you view the site, then that banner add is replaced by a very large (much larger than the actual ad) blank space that takes up my entire screen. At first I thought it was failing to load the page. I eventually realized that I could scroll down about a page and a half to get to the content.

With Shields Up

This first image is the top of the page when it loads. You can see the big blank gray area where the banner ad has been removed and then, somehow expanded to take up the whole page:

Can’t post any more images

I had other images that showed the exact problem, but new users aren’t allowed to have more than one image per post.
To replicate, visit This problem shows up on the home page, and every other page on the site (that I tried).

This site looks just fine in Firefox.

My Setup

Brave: 0.19.80
rev: 7d07299a5d462d3c9ae32cfbfbe7296cc57c89b9
Muon: 4.5.13
libchromiumcontent: 62.0.3202.75
V8: 6.2.414.36
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.15063
OS Architecture: x64