The website is not available - ERR_SOCKS_CONNECTION_FAILED

I’m experiencing a strange problem. When I open a page, I often get the following error message:

The website is unavailable The website at may be temporarily unavailable or has been permanently moved to a new web address.

Either the page loads itself after the error message, or I have to update manually.

It happens a lot, and it’s definitely very annoying.

Translated with

yes i aslo want to know.

I’m not seeing this issue:

I assume you’re located outside of the US, is that correct for both of you (@MediaBird and @jasonsmith)?

Sorry, I didn’t describe the problem well enough. It happens not only at, but at all sites. It doesn’t always happen either.

Any site you try to visit gives you the port connection error?

I wasn’t watching that closely.

Maybe I should add that I use the VPN extension. Maybe that’s the reason? Proxy - Chrome Web Store

The problem no longer occurs.

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