The way Brave display a page

I an using Brave on an iMac running Monterey 12.3 and Brave 1.36.122 and I am experiencing this issue the way Brave is displaying my homepage in Bublup.

On my iMac running Monterey 12.3 this is how it displays the home page.

when it should look like this

My iMac and MacBookAir M1 both are running Monterey 12.3 and Brave 1.36.122. I am experiencing the improper display only on the iMac. I might add that everything displays properly on both machines under Safari. That is why I suspect it is a Brave issue on the iMac.

Hi, there, @golfgame. It looks like the window in the second screen shot is a little wider than the one in the first. I’ve had a number of browsers do weird things when my window gets under a certain width. You’ve probably tried this, but on the iMac, does the page display properly if you maximize the window? Or if you change the zoom to like 90% or lower?

Also, it might be a Chromium thing. Do you have Chrome or Chromium on your machines so you could try one of them with same window size?

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