The UI like colors and fonts are not good for the eyes


Thanks for the site you guys made, I love it for it’s security and it’s feature of removing ads.

Been using it for a while but I notice I don’t get comfortable when using it for more than 10 minutes, and it’s because of it’s colors and fonts. If possible, just change the fonts and colors or whatever in UI to be simple, like google chrome. I guess you guys want it to be unique from other browsers but for me as a user it’s okay if it’s the same UI, as long as it has different features. Especially the header of the browser where we would search and the row of tabs, it looks dull. One thing that I really dont like is the fonts, it’s hurting my eyes. Keeping it simple would be great. For now, I stop using the browser and well be back once I receive an update about it’s UI. Thanks



I use a black high res background and lime green letters (with links in yellow). But Brave doesn’t appear to allow color choices. Please enable.

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