The UI is disintegrating

The ui is disintegrating. it keeps on disintegraating. i tried uninstalling and installing the browser. also i tried ll the releases like beta, dev, nightly but in all there’s a same problem. can you help me solve it?

Hey there @ajhayush

Can you please try disabling hardware acceleration? Thanks for mentioning that you tried Nightly- I was about to suggest that too (good to know it doesn’t solve the problem)

Disabling the HW acceleration should definitely fix the issue up, but it would be good to know why this is happening. If that does solve the problem, can you please go to chrome://gpu and use the handy Copy Report to Clipboard button there (and share the results either here or via email, If you’re able to do this, can you verify if Chrome has the issue too? and then share the chrome://gpu results with me too

For other folks with this issue, I’m tracking incidents at and trying to find a root cause


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