The translation function does not work and keeps failing

Description of the issue:

built-in translation function not working keeps crashing on desktop and on my android device brand vivo model v2028 Apparently it’s a problem with Brave’s translation server. I am notifying you so that you please contact the appropriate technical personnel and try to solve it. please

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave

Brave version (check About Brave):
Versión 1.46.140

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Cc: @Mattches the translation keeps failing could you please take a look at the server what problem is happening thanks

I have the same problem, I have had to stop using the Brave Translator, disable it, and keep using a translator like Google translator, or DeepL.

I hope it can be solved.

I don’t know if you will have the same problem as me; when I use the translator, (normally I have it to translate languages of preference, thanks to some Flags) and I want to translate certain comments on YouTube that are in English, YouTube is in Spanish, the translator does not recognize the language I want to translate, normally (not always) it translates what I want, but normally not.

This is a doubt I have.

by the way I recommend you these Flags that I use in laptop:

Ignora las que uses xd

This issue should be resolved — is anyone here still experiencing this issue?

hello @mattches thanks for answering, the translation is also having the same problem on my mobile device also on my desktop as it appears exactly in the screenshot video and every so often I have to change English to Spanish so that it can be translated in my language but then the page returns to English although it is translated in Spanish how does my capture come out

a user has exactly the same problem as me with the translation on mobile devices here is a screenshot

Here I have another video that I recently recorded and the translation keeps failing

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