The tech who set up my Brave server, passwords, wallet, emails and almost all of my info is controlling all of my computer activities , blocking, redirecting etc. etc. What can I do? Does Brave have a live person to talk to? Thankkks

How do I protect my Brave browsers, passwords , wallets and control from the Tech guy abusing it?

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Does Brave have a live person to talk to?

No, Brave does not have live support. There’s no live chat, no phone numbers, or anything like that.

The tech who set up my Brave server

What are you talking about? Especially referencing Brave and a server?

controlling all of my computer activities , blocking, redirecting etc. etc.

Are you referring to a system admin at a school or business? I’m really confused on what you’re saying they are doing and the control they supposedly have.

Again, I’m confused on what you’re asking. Passwords are encrypted on your device using your OS keyring. But if you’re having a tech accessing your device, I’m sure you probably have provided your password or they have admin access to your device, at which point they would be able to grab this info.

As to Brave Wallet, nobody but you should have access as they would need the unique password you’ve created and/or your seed phrase, all of which you shouldn’t have anywhere for someone to easily use it.

In any case, to provide better and more concise answers, it would be more helpful for you to explain your situation and concerns in much greater detail.

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I hired someone to set up Brave servers, who did the job, but kept the passwords with him. He has access I don’t. What solution can you suggest?

Apologies but I am confused about what you are talking about. Brave “servers” are not something a user would install. In fact, none of what you’ve listed is something that a “tech guy” would do for a user.

Please elaborate on the issue by describing the exact situation in as much detail as possible or we will not be able to assist you.

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