The second time transferred payment

The second time transferred payment. At first from June to July, now till August. It is worth waiting this month? Or again to wait for a surprise in the form of transfer till September, in August?


Noticed already several similar subjects. And everywhere we are ignored! I do not know as to call it… The trust sputters out.


Again I bring up the subject! Most likely BAT (employees) were away on vacation to Canary Islands, and they have no time to potter with us. Let’s wait, we are the people simple, hard-working.

@p0gran can you elaborate more about your issue? I’m not sure about issue.


At first there was a June, then July, now August… Dates change, payments do not happen.

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The technical support, leaves much to be desired. I go to the sea, for 3 days. I hope all problems will be solved. I wish all (including the BRAVE companies) Good luck!:slight_smile: I hope to my return, all will be happy…

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Unfortunately, at the moment, the technical support did not deign to solve any of similar problems. It is not surprising that BAT strongly fell in price. The interest of advance of currency at people vanishes. Most likely the company already made the limit, and earned how many it is necessary.

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