The search engines that come by default in Brave are not what they should be

All the things that I am showing come default in Brave when they should be somewhat different.

In the URL of Google in brave://settings/searchEngines ,It is some URL which is very long but It doesn’t need to be there.
,Instead in google search engine URL there should be this.
Why such a long URL when there is no need for that and it doesn’t do anything special than the simple URL.

The same way it is in duckduckgo, In duckduckgo, It goes more far by telling duckduckgo the browser name.
Why is it supposed to do that when It can do it simply by using this URL and without using t=brave because it doesn’t need to tell duckduckgo that This search came from Brave Browser.

In the same way it goes with Brave Search also In the url it is telling Brave search that the source of the search is desktop.
Why does it needs to do this and tell Brave search that the search came from desktop when It can do it without showing that the search came from desktop and by simply removing&source=desktop.