The same Brave Ads over and over and over

Why do I keep getting the same Brave Ads over and over? It’s not a big problem for me, and I’m sure Harry’s Razors is a fine company and I did click on their ad the first time. But I am not their target market and their next 50 ads went ignored by me. If Harry’s Razors is paying for those 50 ads, then this defeats one of the advantages of Brave. If an advertiser more suited to me couldn’t place their ad because my ads-per-hour limit was filled by Harry, then this defeats the Brave plan as well. If Brave has onboard AI on my browser, why isn’t it smart enough to recognize that I ignored 50 Harry’s ads in a row? I don’t want Brave to give me the option of a blacklist, I just want it to be little smarter. Isn’t this do-able?

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