The Referral Links Aren't Showing For The Channels

The referral links that are in the Brave Rewards page aren’t working for the channels. I logged into the Brave Rewards page and can see all my channels and they are linked straight to my Uphold wallet.

When I click the referral links on the page it does not give me the link. Fortunately I saved the email I received when I created the channel and have been able to invite people this way.

How or why isn’t the link working from the rewards page? Is there something I need to do to activate it? It has been verified and I have the email that gives me the link it would just be easier from the actual rewards page.

I realized a day after posting this question that the problem of not being able to use the affiliate links from my creator platform is because I was using my phone to try to get them.

Once I switched to the “desktop site” option in my browser on the smartphone I was able to get the links with zero issues!

For anyone else who may have run into this maybe try that as well!

Hope this helps someone some day! :slight_smile:

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