The reconfiguration of parked tab content

OK 2 issues.

I might have 3 or so basic text based tabs open on the Android phone.

They are the times of assorted online meetings with Zoom links etc.

The first problem is that the parked tabs instead of just remaining as loaded tabs, stationary and unmoving - as they MIGHT get updated ONCE every 24 hours, well there is no need to refresh them every time I change tabs.

This is one of these major annoyances and a waste of time and data.

Since it is NOT generally necessary - why is it even being done? (that is a rhetorical question) And most importantly how do I make the “parked tabs” stay loaded and as they were when I opened them?

Secondly - another genius move from the 22nd century is to not only cripple the content of the parked TAB, but to then downgrade it into a link, and to back that up with a following LIST of your own search / page history, below the link.

IF I wanted to look through my browsing history, I would specifically do that, in the browsing history, and to NOT have the content of my tabs more or less deleted into links, WITH the browsing history in each and every one of them - which only serves to make 3 times the work and time, to get back to the original content in the tab - in the first place.

I wish people would stop having these “meth head” style bright ideas and I also wish that OTHER people who yell at them and slap them in the head and tell them, “No it’s NOT a bright idea, it’s a BAD, FRUSTRATING and TIME WASTING idea”.

The Brave Browser has gotten to the point where it’s gotten a few IDIOTIC features that I didn’t ask for, that there is no way to switch them off or get rid of them, that it actually makes it a good idea to just dump the browser into the dust bin of history and use something else - that keeps the tabs as is and does not repurpose them when I never wanted to get them reassigned to retain other information, other than what I wanted them to retain.

Thanks in advance.

I installed the DuckDuckGo browser and it has a simple open tab screen, and the tabs were OPEN and OPERATIONAL… So I said, the folks at Brave Browser have turned this into such a living night mare of a mess, I am about ready to dump this - after I get some backing up of book marks done etc.,

Given the fact that I am pretty good with deep diving into the filing systems to find files or code etc., I pushed pretty hard to find the bookmarks, and could not locate them…

The reason was I wanted to export them so as to be able to quickly and simply export them from the Brave Browser and Import them into the Duck Duck Go browser.

After hours of searching - Yeah I said, “F this”… I don’t like being locked out of my own data, and the people who developed the BB, have stitched it up pretty tight… AND you are not locking me out of my data (book marks)

So I switched to the Duck Duck Go Browser and manually copied all my book marks over - one at a time.

And said, “You can keep these mental case meth head bright ideas” - of turning open tabs into links and then adding the browser history into each of the “open tabs”.

The Duck Duck Go just keeps the open tabs as open tabs and that works as it should - simply and effectively.

In terms of an idiot configuration - the Brave Browser on Android has made the grade of bad and hard to use.

Deleting it and moving on.

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