The quick buttons on the screen. how do i make them stay/go?

For quite some time I’ve fooled with the buttons on the Brave screen that are of sites I go to.

HOW do I well and fully pin them down? I don’t seem to be able to make them STAY as I want them to be.

WHERE’s the page all about that?
WHY isn’t that prominent/easy to access?

Hi @flashlight,

Can you provide more info? Thanks!

We’re currently working on several improvements and fixes to the new tab page in Brave. For a better look at what’s going on, see the following:

No. I can’t give you any further information.
I can restate it, if you’d like.

When I click upon BRAVE to use it, the screen shows me ‘buttons’ on the screen that I can click on in order to get to a page I want to visit.
Those buttons change, it seems, no matter what I do. They get covered by new buttons.
I’m unable to lock the buttons down so that they don’t change.
I see no way to make more of them. There seems to be a limit on the number of those buttons.

I’m using an Apple Laptop.

I hope that helps. I’m a cave-being, NOT an IT tech.
I know how to do other things, like shoot professional video, and compose music.


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