The publisher account login access link is not received!

I did not receive an access link to log in to my publisher account. It was not sent to my mail. Please help me.

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Hi @gary90, Welcome to Community!
Can you confirm if you’re looking for an account verification link or are you just signing in and the link never came?

My account has been verified. I just signing in and the link never came.

Can you confirm this is happening all the time or just every once in a while?
Have you checked your spam or junk folders?

I checked in the spam box and confirmed that I did not receive the message. This has been happening since July 25 until now. And so far I haven’t logged into my publisher dashboard

Can you DM me with the email linked to your publisher account?

I have DM for you with the email linked with my publisher account. Have you checked it? And can I log in yet? @Aa-ron

have you logged in yet?

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