The problem with the official browser Brave version 0.55.22



the other day I sent a letter to your mail

Good afternoon, tell me, today, November 6, the version of the official browser should have been updated to 0.56. (Https:// But as you can see, for some reason, it has not been updated , there are also photos, pictures in the wallet are not displayed, they are marked in red, before they were!.
I didn’t get an answer, can you help me? I also wanted to ask you that you no longer accrue free tokins monthly? That’s already 8 days, but there’s no information about tokins.


Hi @maffin,

0.56.x build for stable release should available soon (maybe this week). :slightly_smiling_face:

This issue should be fixed with 0.56.x version. Issue Missing images in brave:rewards · Issue #1869 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub



@eljuno and free tokens will not be? I’m sitting here for how long in the browser I was receiving in that month, but there’s no


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