The popup list of open tabs only shows a couple of tabs where I have many many tabs open

I do not know how to use code… so my bug is in plain text.

I have many tabs open in 3 separate

open windows…

as shown above.

In the Windows7 menu bar at the bottom of my monitor screen I have pinned the brave button. as shown in this pic…

the bug… when I depress on the Windows7 menu button to see what tabs I have … only 7 descriptions show… when there are at least 50 or more tabs open. As such… if I close a brave window… I can no longer retrieve the window with the open tab… except for the 7 that are shown. All of the tabs should be described… not only 7 descriptions. (sorry it is impossible to clip the menu as it opens… and operate the clip operation, as a result I cannot show a clip of the 7 menu descriptions)

Can you look in Menu --> History and see if there is a Recently closed tabs option available containing the tabs that were opened in the window before closing it?