The path to a Brave new world

When I found out there is a chromium browser that blocks ads, I tried to contain my excitement and keep my expectations to the lower half of the scales!

After trying it for couple of hours, it became the default browser in my desktop, laptop and phone (windows and android).

I obviously wanted to sync settings across devices. This is the point where I was expecting to start typing all my info and create an account. I didn’t have to.

  • No sign up with a centralized entity?
  • No annoying fill in your data, go through the fields in red and captcha?

Before I even realize it; I was a fan.

Reading a bit more about Brave, I found out they use Solana, which is the only network I am currently interested (and invested) in.

Following few months of using Brave and Qwant search engine, I find out there is a Brave search. And a very convenient way to utilize any search engine in the url input textbox (:g :q :br).

I now am, not just a fan, but a supporter. Once you use it, you will know what I mean. I really don’t feel explaining it using written form, but 3 euros a month in order to have the results of your search and not having to scroll 3 pages of “sponsored” links… is a no brainer!

There are 2 things I would like they address though:

  1. The built in wallet of Brave is pretty much useless. It can be used to hold currency, which is basic functions of a wallet. But you cannot use it to pay! (connect to a site using your brave wallet and commit a transaction).
    To clarify further: my previous statement is incorrect with regards to virtual wallets. Holding currency is a function of the blockchain. The wallet is just an interface, which can be used to approve transactions. However, excluding the missing basic wallet functionality, there are plenty of defects and it lacks many features required to even consider it a serious product. So, until Brave wallet becomes something like Solflare, it is useless to me.
    (Solflare, not Phantom: I will never accept a "crypto "wallet that displays transactions in “fiat” - lol)

  2. BAT! And unfortunately a large number of posts is about BAT and how people can’t get their coin. Really? We are given the opportunity to break the chains of slavery, which are forced upon us, by centralized entities; but people wana go back to being cows, because they are used being milked :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong: I agree and like the “get paid for reading our ads” concept. But it can never work with personalized ads, as it directly contradicts the “no tracking aspect”. This is exactly why the data collection and ads personalization has been outsourced to centralized entities (i.e. gemini).

In short:

  • If I can have non-personalized ads
  • that I can click on
  • and as a result I can receive BAT
  • in my “properly” implemented Brave wallet
  • while maintaining the current search paradigm

…then the path to the Brave new world would have been paved in marble!


They are looking into pay with BAT store or something. It’s gonna be fun once released!

The ads personalisation is device end and not server end. From what I know, it Downloads the whole catalog, then your data on your device filters out what ads you would be more inclined into.

Appreciate your message though!


Brave don’t uses blockchain for sync. It uses their own servers to store data. Also wallet is not required for sync.

You can buy things with Brave Wallet. Exactly same way as any other crypto wallets work. Except it is more convenient, than using other app, like Trust Wallet for example.


Thank you for the sync info. I could have used my brain and realised that it doesn’t use a blockchain as I never had to approve a transaction every time I add a PC, phone, etc to the chain. I will edit my message as I would hate to misinform people.

And yes, the wallet, would be convenient as it is integrated in the browser and you don’t need any extensions or redirections. But it is not convenient as it has multiple issues that need addressing.

Perhaps I will list the issues I faced in a different post. At the moment I don’t have time and the reason of my post was to praise brave and not address any problems.

Nevertheless I appreciate your feedback and the time you spent reading my post.


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