The page breaks

On some sites the page turn black and white and page elements begin to disappear.

I hope there is a button that will disable this feature. Please help me find it.

Brave Version 1.61.120


  • Is this primarily on Soundcloud or does this happen on other websites just as often?

  • Does this happen randomly or is it easy to reproduce?

  • Does it change if you disable Shields?

  • Can you disable Use hardware acceleration when available at brave://settings/system and see if it happens?

  • If still occurs despite above, can you open in Private window and test?

  • If still happening, please add a new profile by going to hamburger menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile and test with it. This will create a second profile with default settings and no extensions. Use just like that to see if any change.

I think it fixed by itself. Yeah, it was easy to reproduse on another sites, but know it doesnt happen. Thank you for your reply. Have a good day!

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