The NEW keyboard combination to swap in between Tabs

Hello, i am asking here for onother really important feature. I need to swap between Tabs in the sence of Windows function combination “Alt+Tab”. In Brave i tried to use “Ctrl+Tab” combination, which is in Firefox (and in another browsers) common to go from the actual Tab to the previous one. But in Brave it works as a circle…

So one example for all in the ALT+TAB function:
let’s imagine that i have 20 tabs opened and i want to switch BACK and FORWARD in between the 5th tab and the 15th tab. With actual Brave’s solution of CTRL+TAB/CTRL+SHIFT+TAB it will take ages to go from 5th to 15th tab and back from 15th tab to 5th tab… So because of this i am forced here to use the mouse (which i do not like), AND USING THE MOUSE IT HAS THE PROBLEM THAT I HAVE TO SEARCH THE RIGHT PREVIOUS TAB IN TONS OF OPENED TABS, AND BECAUSE WEB PAGE ICONS FOR EACH TAB THEY ARE SMALL WHEN I HAVE MANY TABS OPENED, IT IS EVEN WORSE. SO THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. AND IT GETS EVEN WORSE WHEN I HAVE OPENED MANY TABS FROM ONE WEBSITE WITH THE SAME WEB PAGE ICON…

So i can have it in a second with a correct ALT+TAB function or i can be lost and looking for the previous tab for many many seconds, which is the actual Brave browser state…

So i am calling for classic “ALT+SHIFT” function, please.
The classic “ALT+TAB” function (i.e. the way how it works in Firefox; or how Windows “ALT+TAB” combination works) is much much better solution, there is no doubt!

I would really welcome to switch the tabs this way! It is kind of necessary for those they working with many tabs opened and using keyboard. The way how it works in Brave now it is really really painful and unlucky. For now i struggle with this and i am forced to use a lot the mouse, which delaying my work and i can really feel it is not-productive (at least for those they prefer to use the keyboard).

Again, i work with many many tabs opened and i am sure that that many user will welcome these options too. So I REALLY REALLY ask you for implementation of this option too, please! It will be a huge improvement for Brave browser, and really big productivity tool in manipulation with tabs.

So consider please to implement this update via new Settings option, please! This will help a lot.

Thank you.

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