The new "creator support only" experience for unverified users on Brave

Brave Rewards users without a connected custodial account can still support creators by viewing Brave Ads—they just can’t accrue BAT for themselves until they connect a custodial account. (This is the new “creator support only” experience.)"

Creator question: How does this work in practice?

  1. Do the entire vBAT earnings of unverified users get distributed equally between all of Brave’s creators; or
  2. Do the sites the unverified users visit determine where the vBAT will go? By way of simple example, if I visited two creators in one month would my (unverified) earnings be split between those two creators?

Enquiring minds want to know! :nerd_face:

I raised the same questions. The feedback I got was that it works the same way as auto-contribution.
Your BAT will be proportional distributed to the sites you visit based on the time you spend on them.

It is yet not fully clear to me how it works. But future will let us know.
I have some corporate devices which I cannot connect to my private account, thus they will remain unverified.


Thanks for answering. Same here on the corporate devices. Only thing I miss is seeing the estimated earnings balance. It’d be nice to see how much is being auto contributed to the creators I visit.

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