The navigation bar and placement of loaded pages is nauseating


Brave browser: desktop, Windows, latest.

The navigation bar and placement of loaded pages is nauseating.

The loaded pages shift as users transition between tabs. If a notification is loaded at the top of the navigation pane, say like a notification to save login creds or show notifications, and you switch tabs, then the content and tabs themselves shift. Not only does it cause whiplash, but the method of mass clicking x to close tabs is basically impossible because their location changes. I know this has been talked about before but I believe this is the best design solution:

  1. The location of the loaded page is locked and does not shift. Ever.

  2. The location of the notifications area is also locked, and should never shift.

  3. There is a clearly defined area for tabs that never shifts into loaded page area.

This requires that we locate and designate a permanent location for notifications. Desperately needed.

Also, there is a self imposed limit apparently of 3 notifications to be shown at once. But when those three notifications load, it takes up 1/3 of the screen. Lets have one location for a single notification with an indicator that more notifications are present and need to be dealt with. Honestly I think “save login creds” notifications can be removed entirely and built into a separate icon that just changes color indicating that further action could be taken by clicking that icon (for example the lock icon within 1password).

I would say this is more of a design flaw than a feature request. This causes issues, and isnt just cosmetics.

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