The most critical article I've seen about TOR.… What does Team Brave think?

“Is TOR Trustworthy and Safe?”… Answer: NO

VPNs are for sale services by private corporations. Private corporations are protected by government to make money from people, are not protected by people to make money off of government. So who would you cooperate with to sell out the other side, if you were a corporation? I think the answer is obvious. So the question remains why would you trust vpn over tor?

Some of the comments are literally trolls feeding the conspiracy, or the counter conspiracy depending on whose side of the fence are you on.

All governments that want tor to vanish need to do is publish doubt. Once doubt is prevalent reliance is zero, despite what the facts are.

I can not possibly know the facts, I wish I did, but the moment I see criticism for tor and proposal of VPN as a better alternative I smell something fishy.

Is tor code open and free? Is TB open and free? Have they been around for …what? 20y? I’d say find the bug and report it.

On the other hand, when the open comment section on the site was closed down, replaced by a blog to which scripts must be allowed to comment … I lost all faith. NoScript is good for everywhere else but not for the site’s forum (open comment)?

Then Tails and other projects that shared the same site were dropped off. Same?

Something changed when the head/manager changed.

EFF? No thank you.

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