The minimize crouton becomes stuck on desktop after minimizing browser window



Hey there, I work as a software tester (web,windows,android,iOS) for a small startup. I think I am quite good because of my keen eye for detail and my genuine love for finding bugs and ability to suggest meaningful improvements to user interface and features, along with noticing differences in expected functionality versus actual. I’d love to know what I could do to help.
Further explanation of my bug below:

I am running windows 10 pro, version: 1703, OS build: 15063.483

with browser window open > moving pointer to the “minimize” button and QUICKLY clicking, results in the crouton being stuck on the now visible desktop

the key here is to quickly click minimize as soon as you reach it, if you were to hover over the minimize button until you see the crouton and then minimize the window, this bug does not happen



Hi @RobertJRu,

Thanks for reporting. This is a known issue and logged here:

I added you comment to the GH issue and you can track the progress there.

Thank you,

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