The "Manage windows" button on mobile is not available

Description of the issue: The “Manage windows” button is not available in the overflow menu

How can this issue be reproduced?

I’m not sure how

Expected result: The “Manage windows” button being available in the overflow menu

Brave Version: 1.61.109

Mobile Device details Samsung Galaxy A13 / SM-A13F/DS

Additional Information: On December 25th, the button was still available. The day after, I factory reset my phone, installed brave, and just now noticed that the button is gone.

Screenshot of my windows on October 25th:

Question: Is there a flag or setting to turn it on now?

This worked for me

Put Brave on split screen, then open another Brave on the other split screen. The “Manage windows” button should be available on the overflow menu now.

If you don’t how to put an app on split screen, try searching in the internet. If your phone doesn’t support “split screen view” then I wish you luck on finding a solution.

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