The location of information for opting into Brave Rewards

I had to go here to learn about signing up for Brave Rewards

I searched Google and used with result page to learn what I needed to know.
People also ask

How do I activate brave rewards?

Enable Brave Rewards

When Brave is first installed, you will be asked during the Welcome Tour whether or not you’d like to opt-in to the feature. If you skipped this step, you can enable Brave Rewards by: Clicking Main Menu → Brave Rewards . Clicking the Rewards icon then Rewards Settings.

Why was this information not available to me, a new user, so I could decide if I wanted to install Brave, and opt in for the Brave Rewards on a very top level webpage on your home page or off one link from your homepage. Seems your plan is to save users time by offering a fast browser yet you take a great deal of my time from me as I traipse thru your site, taking more time to set up a community account, verifying it with email…yada yada yada.

This is ridiculous people.


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