The list of the requested extensions


This is the complete list of the extension requests.

If you notice that requests on the category page are not included (I am sure some requests are missing) or important information such as extension links are lacking or wrong, please ping me or send a DM to me.

About the Extension Requests category (Please read before requesting)
I like you to add these addons to brave browser
Extension Request: Refind
A Superb HoverSee extension that really delivers on many levels
CrowdBar – fund an Unconditional Basic Income
Enhancer for YouTube™
What about a REAL fullscreen mode?
Zotero Extension, Share Your Hack/Workaround Attempts
Webex Support Yet?
GMail Column Re-sizer
Translation by google
Modify Headers Extension
Botchecking Extension
Extension Request: BuiltWith
Right Click opens a link in the background/ foreground in a new tab
Request of "SimpleFill" extension
Blocking individual websites/distractions
I would like to use grammraly
Hack Tab Web Security Tests
Welcome to
Bitly Extension Request
How Do You Vote on an Extension?
Feedback for the Brave Browser
Facebook Purity
I would like to have the Zotero extension
Videolytics for youtube
Synereo WildSpark addon
Tab for a cause Extension
Synereo Wildspark
Facebook video volume sync
Lazarus Form Recovery Extension
MEW extension request
Extension Request: Web of Trust