The lion's face is gone


I downloaded Brave on my iPhone about a month ago. I checked but couldn’t find a post with this problem. I am not tech savvy but I knew I struck gold. Faster than Safari and no ads. I told everyone I know to try it. Last week, sites that I frequent with no problem were blank. Yesterday I did the upgrade and now the lion’s face is gone…just the outline. Ads are abundant. If anyone can advise me how to fix this, I would appreciate it. Thnx


Hi @Twinkles

The design of the icon was modified, it is supposed to be just the outline now.

However, if you navigate to a site where you are seeing ads that you didn’t see previously, and tap on the outline of the lion head, are shields up or down? Icon outline should be orange if shields are on. If you still see ads with the shields on please share some examples so we can investigate.


cc @sriram


Hi Lauren,

Outline is grey.

It is blocking scripts.

the 5 options below i.e. Block ads and tracking are off and won’t let me turn them on.

Other sites that were an issue this a.m. are now fine: and

a knitting site now are Ad free and loading quickly. Why? Is it something that they are doing to stop Brave?

Thnx for all the help.

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On the site where the outline is grey, please turn on shields. At the very top of the shields panel you should see a switch, if you toggle that it should turn orange and the shield outline should become orange. If you are unsure what I mean, please post a screenshot of your shields on the problem site and I’ll be happy to offer more guidance :slight_smile:



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