The limit of 4 devices does not allow me to link my account

I sent a request more than 2 weeks ago to unlink my accounts because I can’t link the current one to uphold and I haven’t received any response, I get a 4 device limit error. If you haven’t unlinked my accounts yet, please unlink all of them, those accounts don’t work anymore, I need to link the current one but I can’t due to the 4 device limit

This is my uphold member id: 18dbbbc8-38a7-4914-a6fe-f88f7ae425ef


@Daireto check out How to submit a wallet unlinking request

thanks for responding, i used this link more than 2 weeks ago, i sent the request but i didn’t get a reply and i’m not sure if i should wait more or if the request didn’t come through

To my knowledge, that’s still the best route. I would suggest you possibly DM @Mattches as well to let him know you sent it and haven’t heard anything for a couple weeks. No promises it will help, but I’d hope he’d be able to respond to either get the info again and help, to confirm that the ticket is there and they are working on it, or something of the sort.

I do know they have been very busy with a lot of issues, especially as they are trying to expand into new regions, build out Brave Search, etc. I think perhaps they are biting off more than they can chew with the limited staff they have. They really need to do a better just fleshing out details and support for their browsers. Not to say they are doing a bad job, just too much work and not enough time! lol

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