The Left Leaning Problem in Brave Search

This topic keeps getting closed and locked yet remains a problem. The search yields liberal results. Additionally, the only options on the news feed are sources like The Guardian, or CNN. (They added The Blaze which is Conservative but staunchly anti-Trump). You can’t add your own legitimate sources, despite previous claims that you can. Please help promote the basic human right of free speech.


@Cookie23 Nah, there was one topic and it was several months old. Then other topic I flagged was because it was more of a spam post. I can leave something like this in there if you want to give your feedback on Search. Main thing is just remember rules in it, especially as people go to argue.

Which? If you mean News on Brave Search, you must not use it. Check it out:

Notice how it’s Yahoo, Newsweek, Cointelegraph, Barrons, CNBC, Bloomberg, NBC, USA Today, Business Insider,. SF Gate, Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, ABC, Mercury News, CNN, Fox News, etc?

They put a wide range.

And if talking about Brave News at all:

You’ll see the same thing, wide assortment of sources. And you can also add your own as long as they have a RSS feed.

Anyway, that’s the last thing I’m going to say here.

In the last image shown regarding diversity, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ARE LEFTIST PUBLICATIONS. The organizations within the text reply ARE ALL LEFTIST PUBLICATIONS TOO!

Why is it that when I search for something and click for video results, there are NONE from Rumble, Odysee, or Bitchute. Everything comes from Youtube, EVERYTHING!

Often Facebook and Twitter results are included. What about Gab, GTTR, TRUTHSOCIAL, MeWe (totally liberal), or even Parlor? I NEVER see results from those. WHY? Claiming that Brave Search is diverse by listing all of the leftist publications and outlets with ZERO of centrist or conservative organizations DOESN’T PROVE YOU ARE DIVERSE. It proves you’re leftist in a really biased way.

I didn’t seek this topic, but came across it while seeking technical help. I’m glad I could add some diversity to the original post. If Brave wants to be fair in search results, it needs to add an equal amount of conservative publications and outlets. At least start with video and news results with OANN and the barely centrist Newsmax. Even FOX News tows the line of the government regarding war and health.

What about They are functioning as a report-the-facts-without-bias site. They are doing what other news outlets pretended to do long ago and have since abandoned. How about using The Daily Wire and Blaze? Those are alternative editorial sites that should be equal in status to The Daily Mail.

Brave Search is definitely biased toward leftist organizations. If you are a Brave employee in charge of news search results, and you think you are offering many diverse sites, you are either very ignorant of facts, or you are a very liberal leftist person and don’t know it.

It is true that many leftists believe that their opinions are in the center AND THEY ARE TOTALLY INCORRECT. Anything the least bit conservative is considered FAR RIGHT by leftists. This happens because the leftist has zero contact with anybody who is conservative. Thus, they believe that their group of friends and associates is a representation of ALL of society. When in fact their microcosm is just a society of leftists. Go to the center of the nation, or a suburban area in Texas, Florida, Montana, or other red state. You will learn that that HALF OF THE COUNTRY doesn’t believe in anything that the leftists believe. They would consider all of the diverse news sources pictured above as leftists sites, because they are.

Brave needs to hire or at least temporarily employ somebody that is a genuine conservative to help you calibrate your search engine to locate and integrate actual conservative information to balance with your leftist search results. Balance is needed. Balance, not weighted to right or left; actual sources for diverse data.

With the worldwide plague, it has been found that ALL information has been slanted toward the government narrative. Brave continues this trend by omitting real facts about treatments. Two years into it there is now information about alternatives leaking through. What is now being suppressed still, are facts about deaths and side effects of the mRNA injections. Brave is now allowing such through only because so many of these still exist. Yet NONE of the leftist preferred organizations listed above are reporting truth. THEY ALL ARE LYING by reporting only CDC and drug company approved information. When Brave hides truth, Brave is contributing to deaths around the world. Do the Brave leftists want to feel responsible for their contributions to these deaths by hiding information? By refusing to even look at data from Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone, and others, they are contributing to the democide (death caused by governments) around the world.

All conservatives aren’t always right (pun), but they should be heard just as much as leftists if you want balanced information. Allow the people to choose what they want to believe. Don’t limit their information because Brave disagrees with that information.


@Smallwheels Check out the links below and read.

Also, you really should visit Brendan Eich’s Twitter. You’ll find he very much talks much of the things you are on Covid and all. You may want to try to educate yourself more on how Search and all works as well. Brave and the leaders behind Brave aren’t reranking Search or anything. There’s no hiding information or pushing any political ideology.

Tweet examples:

Sounds real leftist, doesn’t he? LMAO

Opinions are okay, but you guys need to learn to research things rather than just jump in to make false accusations. I’d also like you to realize that you’re asking for censorship and control of information.

And dang it, I said I wasn’t going to say anymore. I really do need to force myself to stop responding to people on this stuff. Just gets so hard when people express opinions rather than facts. Especially when things go off topic. Okay, I promise, I’ll unfollow this and try not to say another word. Key word is try, but hopefully can do…

The facts are that Eichs created Brave because he was fired in a Communist shame tactic because he opposed gay marriage via a donation in 2008. This may eventually be scrubbed from the internet and Brave Search did not find the articles confirming it due to the undercover techie lefties working for them.

Why do you see YouTube and the other more widely used sources of news (by a long shot, not even in the same ballpark when it comes to the size of user base)? While it may not be a list of sources that every person searching for news is thrilled to see on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pages even; it’s simply a matter of acceptance and dealing with the fact that you’ll be adding a few more mouse clicks in there so you’re news provider(s) of choice show up for you. It’s not a matter of bias by any means whatsoever but is a search engine doing what it’s supposed to do, which is prioritize what the majority are using as their source of choice and based on an algorithm I would assume the list starts with most popular on top and keeps going on with the next on the list with popularity as the determining factor & so on. Honestly (maybe I’m just not as in touch with some things as I thought I was), I don’t even know who any of those news sources are, that you listed. One last thing though. I could be wrong about this too but I would assume that after these last few days and the amount of exposing that was done (of Trump’s decision making, or lack there-of in some cases) playing recordings, videos & wildly enough, showing self incriminating documents posted for the world to see by the very same man; I think it’s a logical possibility that the loss of support even weeks before any of this was shown & most definitely more choosing to do the same after seeing that undeniable type of evidence; all that more than likely has not been something any reasonable news source that wants to stay successful would, in any light, be suggesting that that behavior was ok by any means and the ones that are still so dedicated to that man they can’t even see why he’s being shed in such a negative light, even after the multiple forms of recorded media were played loud and clear…I’m just thinking they’re not gonna be meeting any “top of the entire list of sources on the internet” type of standards atm. Just to clarify though, I’m not telling you who to support or trying to be disrespectful. It’s just my opinion based on what I saw + what I’ve always learned about the way search engines work. Things do change radically from time to time and one day I’m sure one of your favs will work it’s way up the list :wink:

P.S. Just fyi, I hate politics and honestly just always thought it was a boring subject that I could care less about. As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen how it’s that very subject I once viewed as a snore fest, that divides a country’s population and turns what could be one united and peaceful group of citizens; capable of accepting and respecting the opinions of their neighbor even though it’s different from their own. After all, that’s something we’re taught as children to be the right thing to do and therefore would be fair to say is the type of behavior demonstrated more easily as the years go by and, well, we start adulting more lol. K. Everybody have a great new year holiday and anyone aiming for changes this next year, I hope them the best and that everything goes as they wanted it to. God knows we all have something we could change that would be immensely beneficial once done

You appear to bent on causing issues here. Please stop labeling people and sites based on whether or not they support your personally chosen ruler. You have choices. If you don’t like what is available on Brave then go elsewhere. It’s pretty simple and no one is violating any principles of free speech. Education about those principles would help, too. You will find plenty of stories about that guy going to prison soon enough.

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How is this not harassment?

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The issue of free speech (a basic human right) used to be a bipartisan issue. Figureheads like Elon Musk have had, under great personal risk, to sacrifice due to the liberals in particular not respecting basic human rights. In other nations (Hong Kong acquired by Communist China), the issue has become even worse to the point that people are being jailed, tortured, and killed for using their right to free speech.

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People need to stop writing, use the brain, and stop these non-sense comments that will never end the cycle of dumb opinions. This applies to ‘both’ sides, because apparently people, no matter the side, will not research or try to understand how things work or they want to cover their ears and eyes and pretend everything is okay, especially when we are talking here about Search engines, and especially Brave, since it is an independent indexer, they are building it, they aren’t using Google API or Bing API like most search engines, the easy way con-artists search engines like DDG or Qwant or Starpage tries to make you think they are super private while sharing information to Microsoft or Google.

And yes, I said this applies to both sides, because the ones complaining about why Brave Search seems to be biased and the ones pretending Brave is not showing biased results are just not using the brain.

I can explain why:

Brave is building their indexer, which means they have to build it somehow, Brave team decided to go and add the Google fallback mixing setting which people can turn on any day.
What do you think it is going to happen with such an option? Brave Search will be ‘poisoned’ by Google results, which are as biased as it can be.
There is no other way, either Brave did this because ‘Google is the best’ (it depends on what is being searched, but people think so) and because Brave wants to build the indexer faster.
So it is obvious Google fallback mixing is going to affect things and make search results biased, if a search fails, Brave will say “oh you can turn it on!” so a lot of people have it on, and that means a lot of people’s searches can poison Brave indexer.
But, be thankful brave now can show more than 20 results, few months ago this was not the case, which means you were stuck with only garbage results (because Google is bad for many types of search). But don’t get excited, because it still comes from Google so anything controversial will obviously get de-ranked or censored completely.

Of course this doesn’t explain why some results are just weird, because I doubt many people used Brave Search since it was out in Beta, and still some results have never improved since then. Why? I don’t know, but Brave Search is weird in that way.

But, Is there a way to help this? Well, Brave added a setting in brave://settings/search called Web Discovery Project, most people see it and think it ONLY applies to searches made in Brave, but no, this also works in other search engines, because it is about Brave Browser, not Search specifically. You can also read this tweet by Brendan Eich if you think I am talking BS and this

Brendan mentions it works with Yandex, which is good, since I will address the whole dumb nonsense like ‘everything is fine’ = “Please stop labeling people and sites based on whether or not they support your personally chosen ruler” that was mentioned by whatever person.
But that means you don’t need to use Brave Search to improve Brave search.
Yandex is pretty unbiased search engine, can be good or bad, but if you make searches that are ‘controversial’ it usually gives you what you are searching for, not some BS from some news agency or something, which will not give you any way to research or find things as you want or hope or whatever.

I still think it is dumb to address this as: it’s a left vs right issue, because it is not only about political stuff, but it is a big issue that applies to Search Engines, so people ignoring that sound pretty, special, and this is why you can take the next paragraph(s) whatever you want, I will just give examples and explain things about biased vs a less biased search results. And then, you can use the brain and understand what I mean, because If people think Google and Bing don’t censor and de-rank results based on their agendas and opinions and everything is fine, well, I don’t know what else to say.

The questions should be, how should Search engines be? Should it give you what you are looking for? or just gives you whatever it thinks you want? should it use the ‘title’ of the search engine or the content of the page? what should have priority?
So it is not a simple yes and no issue here.

But In my opinion, when people search, people should get what they are looking for, and the priority should be the title of an article or page, especially if it is like specific words, if you want to refine it, you can, but that’s what a search engine should give, something close to your term and move on, regardless of the information or opinions or “I think it is bad” or “I don’t agree with it”, unless it is something criminal like children stuff, then Brave or anyone should (almost) never censor anything.

Want examples to the people who say “Brave is fine”?

I always give this one, search for Stormfront.
Do you see it in Google/Startpage? do you see it in DDG/Bing? You won’t find it, so please, don’t try to tell me they aren’t manipulating the searches. Brave shows it BUT it took months to happen, BUT it is not first result, why?
Now use something like Gigablast, it will be the first result, with a badge saying it is the official site/popular site, and you find pages related to it or from other sites talking about it.
Now use Yandex (I am using lang:en on every search to make sure I get english ones), what do you think you will find? well, you will find even more results pro and against it, first results is still the stormfront domain, and you find mostly searches starting with Stormfront, even a comic character.

This is why that Web Discovery Project is good, and people should use it with other search engines like Yandex to ‘clean’ a little Google influence in Brave search results.

Now, you want to go something more “extreme”.
search for Holohoax, again, the point of searches is go give you whatever comes even if you agree or disagree with it. ALL search engines, Google/StartPage, Bing/DDG/Qwant and even Brave will show you weird results for the term Holohoax, because it includes searches without it in the term in the title, which shouldn’t happen for most searches, at least in the first page, not bad, but not great.

But if you use Gigablast, gives you mixed results, first stuff like definitions (which will be biased by wiki whatever) then pro and against opinions about it and even Twitter hashtag.
The point is it gives you Holohoax as a search results in the title, if you want to search anything else, you will change the term accordingly if you want more biased results to whatever you are searching for.

Yandex? well, it gives you even more results for the term, kind of like Gigablast, but it doesn’t give you any wiki definitions or anything like that, it goes straight to websites talking about it.
Yandex is the search engine that will even display results for Nitter, not even Twitter!
And for people saying “well it is Russian” or whatever, by law, even questioning what URSS did in WW2 is a crime and they still don’t censor or de-rank the result, they give you what you are searching for which is exactly what you want from Brave search.

What about less extreme cases?
Well CGPersia for example, a term that won’t appear in Google, in Brave the only result is a not good one results since it is not .com but it will take you to the tag free link of the blog.
Bing will show you first result as it should be and it has many blog pages and all that, so it is actually good.
Gigablast will not show it first result but it is there and results can be weird but it is what it is.
And Yandex will show it first result, and not just that but the forum as well, but again, most if not all search results begin with the term, different than Bing since most results are different websites with the term in the title, while Bing will just show you many pages of it.

Why is Brave not showing it first result the real domain? well, this is not a ‘left or right issue’ but that’s the whole point, why I said make it a political thing is dumb, when Brave is not good for many ‘controversial’ searches.

Same with trying to find Torrents or whatever, it is just harder to do in Brave, like it is complicated to do it in Google, but Yandex it can work there.

The person saying how Brave won’t probably will show you results for Rumble, Odysee, or Bitchute is right, it can, but not easy, but if you find for “I want to see this” and you don’t get a video from Rumble that has the title “I want to see this” then it is obviously getting poisoned from somewhere, which I will say Google since it has the setting to mix results with it.

Go and search for documentary bad vaccine and documentary bad vaccine rumble in Brave and Yandex.

You will see the big difference, if you use a term like that, you will obviously searching for the obvious but for Brave doesn’t think so, Brave only wants to serve you the same mainstream media.

now search for documentary good vaccine and you will find weird results by Brave.

So people, please, don’t tell me searches aren’t getting biased because they got poisoned somewhere like by the Google mixing.
But there is a way to fix it, I think I read Discovery only works in Normal windows, not Private ones, so if you use other search engines Brave might use those searches to improve Brave search (at least it works with yandex, mentioned by Brendan Eich).
Because it is obvious the search results will always be biased with such a fallback mixing with Google option, so you can’t keep crying about it when it is obvious what is going on.

That’s why sometimes I hate what I get from Brave, so I use Startpage or Yandex but Yandex captchas are annoying so I don’t use it as much as I wish, since, to me, it is a better search engine to give unbiased searches when it comes to torrents or not so legal stuff, or ‘controversial terms’ for some people or anything like that.
Obviously if you want to search news in Yandex it will de-rank US outlets, not like I care, but they will probably show you Russian outlets first, and anything else after and then in page 3 you finally get US mainstream media. So I am not blind to that like I am not blind how Brave Search is bad for a lot of things.
But nobody can tell me you don’t find less unbiased results in Yandex than any other search engine. Just search for anything you think it is controversial for you, then make the test, then look how Brave will always give nonsense in many queries, because it prioritize mainstream media or just BS results that are obviously what you are not looking for, if not you would change the query accordingly to find what Brave seems to be so desperate to show you.

For people that will say “but Yandex is Russian” believe me, you don’t turn Russian for using Yandex only because you got brainwashed to believe Russians are bad by almost every movie in the 80s because of cold war, so you will ignore reality, doesn’t mean you have to like or care about Russians for using Yandex, if it gives better results, it does and maybe you will see a little more about the internet with it, and while you use it you can still Brave Search.

But yeah, one side should stop pretending Brave Search will become better from fairy magical powder and you should only use brave search to unbias it and the other side should stop pretending Brave search is not biased while it focuses on US mainstream news outlets or doesn’t display other trillion searches people might be looking for.

It’s a ui bug maybe?

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@Cookie23 @Saoiray … I assert it’s a ui bug and an easy fix on the search/filtering at least, which would be extremely helpful.

See bug submitted here TOPIC - mobile-ui-ux-setting-bravenews-follow-unfollow-is-unusable

Thirteen days ago… it wouldn’t be gravedigging to reply at this point, would it?

Maybe it’s because I don’t do national politics that much anymore but I have yet to find any issues like this. This is even less of an issue with Goggles, though I hope we see people making more in the near future because they’re currently quite limited.

I think it’s more of an issue with the way search engines crawl sites. Goggles being user-made means that this will become less and less of an issue (if it truly is an issue in the first place; I’m not convinced). I’d definitely prefer to use Brave Search over Startpage and especially over DDG.