The latest Beta is ahead of Dev


I reported this before. The new feature implementation is not consistent. The new designs are implemented in Beta before being tested in Dev. Now even the Brave version of Beta is ahead of Dev. I am not too much worried about this but keep wondering why we need a Dev channel.


@nellaiseemai, what features are you seeing in Beta that aren’t preset in Dev?


This one…settings page in general and brave shield design update…
and core chromium. Beta is with 71 and Dev is on 70.


You may have an update waiting my friend :slight_smile:


May be. As per the github page (Releases · brave/brave-browser · GitHub) Beta is the latest release. But I just wanted to leave a note that the updates are not consistent. Since Beta and Dev are two channels Dev should be the first one to get updates isn’t. That was my concern.


@nellaiseemai Dev and Beta will always be different both in terms of features and the versions. The reason you see different is Beta builds are frequent than Dev which bakes a lot of things into Beta which are not available on the dev build (yet). If you build from source then you can see the difference is minimum.

Once we get on to nightly channel you should be able to see far more new things on the nightly channel than the dev/beta channels.

Not necessary if beta is built more often than Dev then you will see the Beta channel has far more things available than dev. Github marks which ever build that gets last uploaded as the latest release so even if a release channel build goes out and then we do a beta build, Github marks Beta as the latest release. There is no provision on GH to mark individual channels with respective latest release tag.


@sriram thanks for your detailed reply. I completely understand what you are saying. But as per definition Brave Beta has new features which are ready for daily use where as Brave Dev has new features which are not tested. Instead of Brave Dev there is some other channel which is internally tested by Brave team and then those updates are pushed to Brave Beta rather than Brave Dev then I am fine. In that case there is no need of Brave Dev channel.
If Brave Beta get more/new features than Brave Dev then Brave Dev is not that “unpolished and unfinished early preview”.
For example Opera has release, beta, developer channel. Any new updates first come to developer channel then to beta channel and then to release channel. In case of firefox it is nightly to developer to beta to release channel.
I mentioned about GitHub page just to inform @Mattches that there are no no new updates for Brave Dev (at that time of posting) which is ahead of Brave Beta in terms of features or chromium core.

Sorry for taking your time on this. But since I have Dev and Beta channel installed and any new update lands on Beta and then to release channel I can stop using Dev channel. Until now I was reporting issues in the forum for Brave Dev. If it is behind Brave Beta, I can only use Brave Beta.



I need to agree with @nellaiseemai on this. Brave Dev should have the new feature first than Brave Beta.

If Beta get update more often, then Dev seems not necessary/needed. Then cut the cycle to be Master (nightly) > Beta > Release. :slightly_smiling_face:

So the team can focus on landing a new feature in Master, then tester can use Beta version to help make sure things work before it hit the release version.


Where can I find Dev 0.57.4? My Dev 0.57.3 keeps telling me it’s up to date. There is a Dev 0.57.4 on Github (Release Developer Channel v0.57.4 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub), but it appears to lack a number of artifacts, including the installers. If I download Dev from Download Brave Dev | Brave Browser I also get 0.57.3…


@nellaiseemai Yes there’s a little discrepancy in the channels right now but going forward it should be fixed. Since we just started the channel’s it will take a while to have things going in order. Right now you can continue using Beta since its a little ahead than dev. Here’s what going to be once the channels gets sorted out.

Nightly - All development work gets checked in master (Not stable)
Dev - All features gets pulled in to dev from master (untested, highly volatile)
Beta - All features that gets fixed on dev moves up to Beta (mostly stable but might have some things broken)
Release - Stable channel that gets moved to production available for daily use

You can read more about release channels here.