The inability of Russian-Ukrainian translation, due to an unknown error

Brave translate troubles

I really appreciate the inbuilt translation feature in brave. It works well with the majority of languages except for Russian-Ukrainian translation. As Ukrainian speaking person, I would like to translate Russian web pages into the Ukrainian language, but the “brave translation” refuses to work every time. Meanwhile, I can translate Russian sites into almost any other language except, again, Ukrainian.

I use Brave on my smartphone with android and on PC with windows 11 pro. This bug with translation is present on both devices even with regular updates.

Moreover, I tried using translation feature on other smartphones and devices and it doesn’t work either. That’s why I assume the problem is in Brave browser itself (in translation feature), despite the particular device I’m trying to use.

Hello @Treadmill, sorry to hear this is happening to you. What kind of device do you have? Have you updated to the most recent version? Could you please share a screenshot with this specific error so we can have a better idea to assist you.

Thanks in advance.

It could be because not any people who speak Ukrainian are not helping to make Brave Translate work for Ukrainian. To confirm, could you try to translate other languages into Ukrainian?
Just checked, it works for English to Ukrainian. So I suppose it’s some problem for Russian to Ukrainian.

I’m from India and Hindi doesn’t work as well.

@Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige
Please assist. Thank you!

@Treadmill Is Ukrainian one of you preferred languge in brave://settings/languages? Have you enabled its option to translate pages into?

More info here-

@SmartyAadi I can translate pages into Hindi-

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