The History window is white instead of purple


**Description of the issue: When using private mode only, the history window has the wrong color

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave and go Settings-> Brave Shields and Privacy → Toggle Private Browsing Only
  2. Open a random website
  3. Click on the … menu and select History

**Expected result: The History window should be purple like the Downloads window and the rest of the interface

Actual results: The History window is white

iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 14.3, Dark Mode turned on

**Brave Version( check About Brave ): 1.23.1

Screenshot attached, for comparison also one with Downloads window that has the right color

Thx a lot

Hi @b657d59ecb7bae974d87,
That looks normal. Its what you’ll see when you have no history entries.
If you use a normal window, add some stuff to your history and go back to private, it should show purple.

Hello Aa-ron,

I don’t agree :slight_smile:

When the Downloads and Bookmarks windows are empty, the background is purple with Private browsing active.

I believe that empty History window should be purple on private browsing.

Please report it to the developers.

Thx a lot,

We will fix it, made ticket here

Thank your very much!

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