The Guardian news website crashes Brave browser


Hi, just like the title says: crashes brave on my iPad Mini, (this is with no other apps running in the background)
I’ve tried having only one tab open and disabling the shield settings and still no luck.
On my second load-up I can normally reach the site, but, it’s a dice roll on how many pages I can view before it crashes back to the main tablet screen

Just thought I would let you guys know


Does it crash even when you disable shields and browse the site?


Yeah like I said in my post above yours, it does


@sriram I can take a look at this as well - will report back here on what I am able to find out.

Thank you very much @UltraViolet for reporting this, it is greatly appreciated. By chance, have you attempted the same process on desktop? No worries or obligation, I am going to check desktop as well, just curious.


@sriram @UltraViolet

From Android (nexus5)
I am able to access the guardian site w/o issue - with shields enabled and disabled.

From my desktop (windows 10)
I am able to access the guardian site w/o issue. One note here: When I initially loaded, I did get a sadface icon, then refreshed and

I haven’t tested on the iPad yet, and am waiting for the android tablet to update to attempt to repro there.


@sriram @UltraViolet I’ve been able to check the Nexus 9 tablet (android) and an iPad Pro, and am able to access the guardian website w/shields up and down w/o issue.

@UltraViolet one thing I am noticing is that a geo-specific version of the page loads, so I consistently get the US version of the site. Can you confirm if you’re observing this in the US or elsewhere?



i’m visiting the site in the UK [theres a ‘/uk’ in the link :slight_smile:

i can visit the site on every other platform of Brave browser i own, with every shield option i want on. including a cheap old Android tablet till about 2 weeks ago when i sold it.

i’m sorry i should of made this clearer in the title, but i’m only talking about one version of the browser

so, has anyone tried it on a iPad Mini ?


Thanks @UltraViolet

The guardian UK URL had redirected to US for me, but I hadn’t considered that since you posted with the UK url, that you were in the UK. Thanks for confirming!

I haven’t​ attempted to reproduce on a Mac mini, but will try and get a test going with one.

@sriram since you’re in a non-US Geo, would you mind testing on any devices you have available as well?

The guardian might be doing a regional test, and they could be excluding the US from testing, so it would be great to see if this issue is either regional, or is isolated to iPad mini devices.


@luke.mulks I don’t see any crash when I visit I tried with UK and non-UK IP address and still no crash. Have tested on both stable and preview version of laptop and on iPhone (iOS 10). I get redirected to when I visit with non-UK IP but still no crash.


Have you tried it on the system I’m having trouble with? The iPad mini ?


after updating to iOS 11 yesterday Brave on iPad Mini doesn’t crash on the Guardian website! :slight_smile:


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