The google translator extension does not work where it says translate this page in the community page i need help please

the google translator extension cannot be translated on the page where it says TRANSLATE THIS PAGE from the brave community I need help please Anotación 2020-04-24 185629

Is it only that options that doesn’t work? For example, if you highlight my text or some other text on the page and then click on the extension icon, does the selected text get properly translated?

I can’t translate the page where it says translate this page but the others if it works I don’t know why it doesn’t work translate this page

Can you please help me @Mattches and @eljuno solve my problem please so that I can translate correctly where it says translate this page

@Mattches, I tried it and it looks like the “translate this page” option does not work with this site.

@nicolas-ftw, parece que efectivamente la página no se traduce, pero siempre puedes usar esta opción

puedes activarlo de esta forma en las opciones de la extensión

If I tried it and it works, @JohnDproof but it is still annoying to copy the text and paste it into the google translator extension, but well there are just some other options, I have no other option but to copy the text and paste it into the translator. I would have liked it to have been translated where it says translate. this page correctly but unfortunately you cannot hope that some day this year or next year they could add a built-in translator in the browser brave that I would love so it is necessary not to depend on an extension of the google translator

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but you don’t need to copy an paste, only select the test you want the extension to translate

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@nicolas-ftw @JohnDproof,
Thank you, I will be forwarding this information onto the team for further review.

In the meantime as @JohnDproof stated, you don’t need to paste into translate – simply highlight the desired text, then click on the translate button:

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Thank you @Mattches I will be attentive to your answer, hopefully the issue can be fixed the extension of the Google translator so it can work properly where it says translate this page. And that the page works The same method works by copying the text and passing it to the Google translator extension but I would like more to be click where it says to translate the extension page would be great if you I could fix the issue.

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Hello @Mattches I am waiting for your answer if they have solved the issue about the extension of the Google translator if you can translate where where it says translate this page

Apologies for the late reply.

Upon further inspection, it appears that the extension “pop-up” that appears when text is highlighted is also not working on Chrome? So I’m wondering if this is an upstream issue, or an issue with the extension itself. Either way I’ll keep an eye on the issue and let you know when I get some more information.

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Thank you @Mattches for the information, please tell me anything and I sent myself an internal message and if there is a solution to the problem later. A @Mattches question there will be some way you can add a built-in translator to brave this years or late years or next year knows some of some information. To not depend on the Google translator extension for a lifetime.


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