The google document on site does not want to work


Hi, sorry to bother you but I found a small problem that does not get fixed when I disable the “shield”.
As the title suggest the problem in question is found on the site:
It is my school’s educational site. It’s basically the hub for students used on daily bases and sadly a small part of it does not want to work on your browser.

  • B.
    I tried to record the issue but I did not figure out how so I hope you will be able to understand everything just from the detailed description of the problem in section D.

  • C.

  • D.

    • i. I downloaded brave web browser
    • ii. I checked out all the websites i use on daily bases
    • iii. I went to my school’s website (
    • iiii. I pressed to the button “stundu saraksts” (list of lessons) to check my tomorrows lessons
    • iiiii. I scrolled down and pressed to change the date in the google web document but it did not respond.
    • iiiiii. I tried scrolling the google document and sadly it did not respond.
    • iiiiiii. Problem was not fixed when disabling the “shield”.

Hope it’s an easy fix. I would love to hear back from you and thanks for your time.
_ -Dave _