The Future of Brave

Hi Everyone,
My name is Nakul. I was just referred to using Brave by my cousins, and I have to say I’m quite impressed so far with the vision and design philosophy behind this browser. In fact, that is why I am posting this.

I am a current graduate student in computer science and avid futurist, having devoured damn near every book on AI, technology, society etc, and I have been working with some futurists in the field (for example, Peter Diamandis), writing my own blogs and analyses for them. One of my friends and fellow futurist John Smart has written about a future form of technology, known as a Personal AI or Personal Sim, that I believe can be a future evolution of the Brave Browser. This is the idea I want to share with this community.

In a nutshell, the idea is that as our world digitizes more and more, we are modeling ourselves with data and creating “digital copies” of our interests, passions, and decision making, spread over countless different platforms and devices. Right now, this “digital self” is sold to advertisers without our consent, while we reap none of the benefit. Of course, this is the very problem that Brave is trying to solve.

However, if you evolve and project this trend further, some very interesting things may happen. Imagine if Brave began to have Siri-like conversational features, very much so like the in the movie Her. On top of that, imagine that Brave automatically trained specific, local machine models on your device, just by your conversations and usage. This “local model” can then do the ad-matching that drives Brave’s ecosystem. Furthermore, this model can automate token payments to sites that your model has deemed you like (with your consent of course).

While this change seems minor, something exciting has happened. You have effectively created the most accurate digital model of yourself, locally on your machine, under your control. It can function as a digital butler, doing your whim, and acting in your stead if you are not present (as in the case of automating token payments). The Brave Browser has acted as your “personal AI”, or a personal “simulation” of yourself.

This will have many profound consequences, including how we will manage the increasing complexity of the world, how we may revitalize our polarized politics, and ultimately how we manage the AI alignment problem, as my friend John has argued for the last 20 years:

Him and I are coauthoring a book, called Big Picture Foresight, due in Jan of 2021, that dives into great detail over how important we believe Personal AIs are to the future of society. I really think the humble web browser may turn out to the parent of something truly special.

In that line of thinking, I really think the Brave Browser is on the path to something like a Personal Al. I know that many of these ideas are very long term, but I just wanted to put them out there and see what this community thinks. I’d love to plant the seeds of these ideas with the leadership team at Brave, so that perhaps their long-term goals may bring about this Personal AI future that I think will be so valuable to us all.

You guys are doing great work in building a better Internet for us all, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Let me know your thoughts about these ideas!