The fingerprint blocker prevents some fonts from showing correctly

The fingerprint blocking “feature” prevents some fonts from showing correctly.

  1. Go to a website like that uses css embedded fonts.
  2. Look at someone’s page:
  3. Now do that in Firefox or Chrome or Edge or Opera or whatever.

ALL of the other browsers show the correct font.

Version 1.52.126 Chromium: 114.0.5735.133 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Turn fingerprint blocking off, fonts work fine. Turn fingerprint blocking on, fonts are completely effed up.

What I’m seeing:

What you should see:

@Sir_Coda Chrome vs Brave. I don’t really see any difference. Biggest thing is where it says Strong and Faithful, where Chrome seems to have it more italicized and Brave doesn’t.

Allow Fingerprinting:

Block Fingerprinting:

What are you seeing as an issue in these screenshots? I mean, I see what you shared but that doesn’t appear in Chrome or Brave.

For good measure, here’s Bing as well:

You don’t “really see a difference” lol
I don’t know what your browser settings are. I know what more than a handful of people have told me and shown me.
Avoiding the fact that the page is not being displayed correctly is somewhat amusing but really just encouraged me to stop using Brave myself. I have advised our BoD to stop using it as well and have adjusted our rollout package to advise users to upgrade to Firefox.
Have a nice day.

You are the one who has to test this in a clean profile… why should people explain how their settings are when they are proving the the website looks the same in their computer?

Your screenshots are not a proof or anything, actually, they are useless. I mean, maybe learn how to properly teste two images next time?

I will tell you how you do it.

Properly take two screenshots, not the worthless garbage you posted as ‘proof’, for that you can use ShareX, which easily allows to select regions of the screen, but also has a “last region” screenshot mode if you want to make it better, you could also use Devtools which means you don’t need third-party to take screenshots and have them being the same in size to compare.

After you get the SAME exact images, then you take the two images to an image editor like GIMP or Photoshop (like in my screenshots) or anything, and then you use the DIFFERENCE layer mode.
And you properly can compare images, whatever is black is the same and whatever shows anything is the difference…

I am sorry, but you sound like a troll when you are shown the images look the same and you still argue “I dOnT KNow YoUR BrOWSer SEttinGS” when YOU are the one who has to properly test it and show it, random people on the internet don’t have to show why their website looks properly, it shows it is YOUR side the problem either your computer, your eyes or your brain.
But then you say comments like “You don’t “really see a difference” lol”… what’s so funny about it?.. I didn’t understand the joke to ‘lol’ about it.

Maybe test it properly and show the issue properly and do it in a clean profile and maybe in another device, because you are talking about fonts and sometimes the OS can mess with fonts if you install the wrong ones.

Basically what I am saying is, maybe stop sounding like a troll? nobody is forcing you to use Brave, so don’t start a post complaining about something and then “I will tell everyone to stop using it” when you haven’t shown anything.

I made the test, with my normal profile and a clean profile, they look exactly the same.

This is the results, properly done, not “believe me bro”, like all your comments.

As you can see the only thing that is not Black (= The same) are the toggle and the text from Allow fingerprinting vs Block fingerprinting vs Aggressively Block fingerprinting, also, I tested shields completely off, which will show more difference since panel changes in that case even more.

I use Nightly, and I tested in my normal profile but the screenshots are made in a clean profile, so I took a screenshot of shields in Standard mode and Aggressive to see if that made a change, since the default is Standard, but I left it as aggressive when I saw it made no difference.
Then I hid the buttons and made the Address bar wide so the panel wouldn’t cover the page too much.
Also it is not a new User Data, so I have some flags enabled, but they are irrelevant and won’t change anything about this test.

Anyway, these are the proper results, I hope it is not obvious how the bottom layer has to be Normal and the top visible one will be Difference mode.

This is Shields completely off vs Aggressively Block fingerprinting

Allow fingerprinting vs Block fingerprinting

Allow fingerprinting vs Aggressively Block fingerprinting

If you want you can even use a Curves or Levels adjustment layer to bump the pixels and clearly see the differences.

Again, the only differences are The text in fingerprinting and the toggle button of the shields panel which has a ‘breathing’ effect, so it changes the color non-stop.

Is this enough for you? You can do the same and show your proof.

But then, I wish Brave mods would just close these troll posts by the usual New accounts, who are not seeking for help or post real issues, but always the same “I stopped using Brave, and I will advise others to do the same”, like who are you? I doubt you have many people that uses Brave and will switch to Firefox because of a non-existent issue, unless you see imaginary friends, it’s hard to take these new account serious, even if you weren’t just a troll.