The "Eye-destruction-browser"

Hi, I can not believe that after months there is still no way to use the browser in a dark mode ?!
Somehow I have the impression that this proposal is not taken seriously. This browser can not be used without eye damage - which is a shame …
My initial enthusiasm is dwindling more and more. Why nobody cares about it ?


We do care about it, which is why a dark theme is shipping with Brave v1.0, our rewrite of the browser coming out in the coming months! :slight_smile:

Brave v1.0 will be replacing the existing browser, so new feature efforts are focused there. Otherwise, a feature (such as dark mode) will be released, only to be replaced and made obsolete a month later.

You can read more about our Brave v1.0 rewrite, and the features it’ll bring like Dark Themes, here:


Thanks for the friendly response. I will gladly wait. I wish you success.

Hi @Meta,

If you wish, you can try the developer version, still-in-the-work version for the upcoming Brave 1.0. It have dark theme. Still have missing features, but if you want, you can use it and report bugs/issues to make it better. :slightly_smiling_face:

See Brave Developer release now available to public!

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