The Dissapointment of the Brave System

This isn’t a question but a voice against the slowly transformation of the Brave platform into another restrictive system.

I live in both Argentina and Chile, and I travel continuously to Europe because of work, so you could say I don’t have a well etablished home. Nontheless, I tend to come most of the time to Argentina to see my family, so most of my social networks and this app, tend to reflect it.

Cryptocurrency were supposed to give us freedom, and a platform that tried to challenge Google, thanks to the reward system it gave, it was simply revolutionary. The idea of being able to use a platform or Internet interface and earn money, without concerning where the users were, was almost utopic. And it is also a weapon against totalitarian goverments. Most of us may think that the minimum of 0.3 of a dollar might be worthless, but people that live in poor totalitarian countries might add this earning as worth the time. It is a way to get currency outside what the local bureaucracy imposes, and thus it transforms itself into a weapon towards economic freedom. That in itself was one of the promises of crypto, the capacity to choose and subjectively value different currencies to survive.

Now this foundation is in ruins. There are lots of Crypto wallets and interfaces that may be of use whenever we need to take out our money. No one is forcing the Brave team to solely depend on Gemini or Uphold, you are voluntarily choosing the services, and thus, you are supporting the placement of handcuffs to users that had supported the idea in the first place.

Brave appeared as a novel idea, but it is slowly turning into the same stuff we are already used to, another controlled, country or government restricted platform that gives us headaches. There have been multiple moments where I myself was hopeful about this project, but you have been falling into an enterprise model that perhaps maybe even cooler for the Chinese Communist Party.

There’s a Brave Black List of countries that are restricted, I don’t know the exact reasoning behind it, but I can absolutely assure that it isn’t in favor of our personal freedom. There’s no date confirmed to expect that lifting of those shackles, thus this platform has stopped completely being the artifact that I wanted to freely advocate for.

Argentina is one of the countries in which those handcuffs are being put, and no matter if I live outside Argentina, if I am not careful, the system will tag me as such and will be prisoner of a discriminatory restriction. All on the base of control of “where you are exactly” and “how much time are you there” to protect local thievery central bank policies.

Another User with the name agus33 wrote about this the 28 of October in this forum (Topic: Regiones Discriminadas), and he made this point with the naivety of a common customer, without a political significance within his argument. The latter is added by me in this complaint. Brave has fallen into the same category of platforms as other corrupt, restrictive, incompetent and bureaucratically “correct” alternatives.

Brave does not offers anything but this lost freedom. You lack a good search engine, you have a huge amount of problems with the synchronization between cellphone and pc, you have a system with low compatibility with Password Apps,
Brave still has a lackluster token that has been even surpassed by other non-competitive apps. It is a disaster of a system, a bad joke of what it originally represented.

This is the first and the last time I’ll write something on this community. If it happened in great quantity to Spanish-speaking countries (if not English-speaking regions), it may easily happen to everyone else.

To my fellow disappointed that I have been reading, you are not alone on this.

Thanks for your feedback. Will be sure the team reads it. Have a wonderful day!