The device limit has been reached

So, I get the message “The device limit has been reached”.

I opened a support ticket.

In response, I received

I replied I did not receive any reply, so I will try to get a reply here

THIS IS QUESTION 1 → Is there a limit to the number of devices I can connect to my uphold, or is there not?

THIS IS QUESTION 2 → Please explain - “irregular usage” or “irregular number” of devices.

@SaltyBanana @Saoiray

Nope. It may if there’s a lot of devices though. Probably like 8 or something. I am not from the support team so can’t say for sure.

If you use VPN, android emulators and then Macros to automate viewing ads or anything then thats irregular. As for irregular number of devices that could be 8 or something. Wait for someone from the team to have an official answer.


As the message states, normal linking limits were removed back in May.

If you are seeing this error it’s due to an irregular number of connections/links made to your custodial account. There will be no change to the current status.

Thank you for your understanding.

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